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Hoar Park Pygmys


                We have two groups            of Pygmy Goats on the       farm.

 The first is our Breeding Group where you will find our Billy Goat and quite often a ruckus of kids skipping around.

    The second group are our retired elderly ladies and favourites we have kept over the years.





  Gala is an Anglo Nubian Goat.            

 When you see her you can tell she is a lot bigger than the   pygmy goats. She is the same size as a normal milking   goat.      

                          She has big floppy ears and isn’t shy                            at all she will be the first to stick her                            head in your feed bucket

Honey is a Golden Guernsey.

She is a lovely golden cream colour and has quite long fur. She makes lots of tasty milk but is also quite dainty which makes her perfect for a back garden milking goat.

She loves munching on nettles! Ouch!

Honey Golden Guernsey Goat at Hoar Park Honey

Baby Goats are occasionally for sale

Please contact us for more details and availability

Baby Goat Kids at Hoar Park Goat Kids at Hoar Park