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Reptiles Crush and Squirt Nutmeg Pepsi and Tango Charlie Millie Rosie

                                               is a Bearded Dragon.

She is fully mature and occasionally lays us some eggs

She can tell us how happy she is by her colour; if she’s very grumpy she goes very dark in colour!

We are Herman Tortoises.

Crush got his name due to the messy shapes of his shell.

Squirt like to get piggy backs from Crush.

                          is an African Pygmy Hedgehog

She can be very prickly but also has her soft spots.

Nutmeg loves having a bath it gets all the sand out of her hair and keeps her coat nice a clean.


These are two are Corn Snakes.

The marks on their bellies are different on every snake this can help to tell them apart.

                        is a Veiled Chameleon.

She changes her colour to match her background and she can do this very quickly.

If she is grouchy she can turn green with black spots to scare you away.

                            is a Chilean Rose Tarantula.

She can be quite friendly and some people are brave enough to touch her!

She is still very young and could live until she is around 30 years old.

Nutmeg the Pygmy Hedgehog at Hoar Park Tortoises at Hoar Park Millie the Bearded Dragon Charlie the Chameleon at Hoar Park Rosie the Tarantula at Hoar Park