Hoar Park Children’s Farm And Saddlery,   Hoar Park Farm, Ansley, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 0QU    Tel: 02476 398334    Email: info@hoarparkfarm.com

Pet shop licence no.009067, Zoo licence no.008535.

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We have 15 lovely lady bunnies and 3 very handsome boy bunnies.

From March through to August you will also find some tiny baby bunnies with their mums.

Occasionally we have some baby bunnies for sale.

Come and Meet The Fluffies!


Our Guinea Pigs live in big runs and have their own families.

If you listen carefully you may hear them squeaking to each other.

At the right time of year there are lots of baby guinea pigs running around nibbling on food.

Maggie Guinea Pig Crunchie Guinea Pig at Hoar Park Fern Rabbit at Hoar Park
Oryctlolagus Cuniculus
Cavia porcellus