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Come and meet our Kune kune pigs;

Poppy, Buttercup, Peppa and Blue.

 The breed originates from New Zealand and means fat and round.



They are Japanese Sika Deer.

They get lovely spotty coats in the summer .

They can be timid but with a little food they can be persuaded to come and say hello!

Pebbles Sika Deer at Hoar Park Marlon Pig at Hoar Park Vicky and June

These two ladies are Red Deer. They are definite favourites on the farm and love their food.

There  is one big difference between these two come and see if you can spot it

Vicky the Red Deer at Hoar Park

These two are  Dexter Cows

Ermintrude has red highlights in the summer.

They are the smallest breed of cow.

Dexter Cows at Hoar Park