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Country Living Wound Spray 250ml

An effective disinfectant spray, with soothing Aloe Vera, for treating minor wounds and deterring further pecking of the area by other birds.


Veterinary Wound Powder  20g

A licensed medicinal product. An absorbent and antibacterial powder, easy to apply creating the ideal environment for optimum healing. Containing 2% Tosylchloramide Sodium Ph.Eur. For use on minor wounds, cuts, bites and scratches. AVM-GSL

£ 3.35

Anti-Pecking Treatments

Cannibal Stop Spray 400ml

Originally made for piglets. It is a non-harmful substance with a fowl smell and taste which puts the hens of pecking each other. To be used as a deterrent or after wound treatment.



Barrier Anti Pecking Spray 400ml

A totally natural, non-toxic, foul tasting spray to help deter feather pecking in poultry and game birds. Includes a natural disinfectant and antibacterial properties to help soothe, calm and protect vulnerable areas. Suitable for use in organic farming areas.



Lincoln Purple Spray 250ml

An antibacterial and antifungal spray containing Gentian Violet for use on minor cuts and abrasions. Non sting formula. Changes colour of the area making it less attractive to peck. Trigger spray for easy application.


Poultry Stockholm Tar 400g

A useful addition to the Poultry Keepers armoury as an aid in cases of feather pecking. The antibacterial tar seals the area allowing natural healing to take place and deters further attack. Simply apply with a small brush to the affected area.


Radiol Anti-Bacterial Jelly 40g

A bright yellow soothing antibacterial jelly for application to minor wounds and abrasions. Proven effective formulation. Contains: Proflavine Hemisulphate.