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Poultry Spice

Recommended for improving all round condition and performance. A good supplement to give poultry a little boost during the colder weather. 1 teaspoon daily in food for every 10 birds.

      450g; £5.50    1.5kg; £11.55

Poultry Drink 500ml

Liquid Feed supplement to maintain good condition and appetite in poultry, game birds and pigeons. Iron, phosphorous in a syrup base. 10 ml per 4.5 litres of water for every 6 birds.

        250ml; £4.40        500ml; £5.50  

Rooster Booster 125g

Complementary feed stuff with key vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and probiotics for overall health and vitality in all poultry. 1.5g per bird.




Country Living Garlic and Mint 500g

A nutritious mix of mint and garlic granules to help ensure good appetite and a healthy gut. Also aids respiratory health.


Country Living Pure Seaweed 1kg

A pure and natural source of over 40 important minerals and trace elements to help keep hens healthy and in top condition.



Country Living Vital Vits+ 250ml

Concentrated vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that can help food conversion in laying hens increasing production. For breeding stock it will also assist with egg fertility and hatching percentage. An ideal tonic for stressed birds, especially ex battery hens