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Chicken Lickin- Amazin’ Grit Block 150g

Unique method of providing essential grit to poultry of all ages with the additional benefit of providing occupational therapy. Contains Mixed Flint grit, oyster shell grit and maize.


Poultry Corn ‘n’ Treat 270g

A complementary pet food made from wheat, cut maize and poultry grit. Central hanger so the treat can be suspended from the run or poultry shed to alleviate boredom.


Bordem Breaker Natural Hentastic Woodroll

Wooden Tree roll filled with 100% natural banana, puffed rice and mealworms; plus oyster shell grit. Keeps your chickens entertained and encourages their natural curiosity.


Boredom Breaker Naturals Hentastic Mealworm Muffins 30g

Delicious treats to appeal to and stimulate your poultry. Made from wholemeal flour, eggs, oyster shell grit and mealworms it is also a healthy addition to their diet.


Natures Grub Poultry- Chicken Pecking Balls x6

High Protein treat made to give your poultry a little boost. Ball shape makes them roll as they peck making them last longer and mentally enriching.


Natures Grub Poultry- Insects for Chickens 200g

Mix of high protein grubs and crustaceans. Especially good to feed during the moult and through the laying season.


Natures Grub Poultry- Earthworm Treat for Chickens 500g

A mix of cooked and flaked cereals, whole and cut grains, dried fruit and dried earthworms. Also contains a sprinkling of Battles Poultry Spice. Can be scatter fed or placed in a feeder.



Natures Grub Poultry- Chicken Seed and Insect Mix

A great mix of grain & seeds with a large amount of high protein dried  insects to be used as a treat in addition to a regular diet.

700g : £3.60  1.5kg : £5.99