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Starting with Ducks - By Kate Thear

Comprehensive book covering all aspects of duck keeping, breeding and rearing, for show, pleasure or commercial purposes. The material is presented in a clear concise way, with an emphasis on practical detail.


Wildfowl at Home- By Alan Birkbeck

A beginner’s guide to keeping and breeding ornamental waterfowl. Ornamental waterfowl are more sensitive than domestic ducks and are more challenging to keep. The closer to natural their environment is the happier they are. This book provides you with a good guide of everything you need to know.


Chicken Books

Starting with Chickens: A beginners guide- By Kate Thear

This book provides an invaluable help, from choosing a house and run selecting, buying and caring for the hens.  It covers feeding, breeding and seasonal management,as well as dealing with problems should they occur. Written in a clear and concise way, its is an ideal introduction to keeping chickens.

Our Best Selling Book to suit beginner through to experienced poultry keeper. Paperback, Pages: 94.


Starting with Bantams- By David Scrivener

Written for those new to Bantams, this well-illustrated book provides an excellent introduction to the subject. It looks at all aspects of practical management and handling, including housing, choosing breeds and stock, and breeding, showing and health.

Paperback, Pages: 95.


British Large Fowl- By Michael Roberts

This book goes into the history of each of the British Large Fowl breeds, its origin, its original purpose and its current breed standard. 82 Colour Photographs.

Paperback, Pages: 43.



Other Poultry

Starting with Turkeys- By Kate Thear

This well illustrated book is an ideal introduction to keeping turkeys on a small scale. It looks at all aspects of practical management, including choosing breeds, housing, feeding, showing and breeding. It is particularly useful for those who wish to produce free range and organic turkeys for christmas.

Paperback, Pages: 96.


Starting with Geese- By Kate Thear

Up to date and comprehensive guide to keeping geese on a small or commercial scale. Domestic, utility, show and ornamental breeds in colour. Managing, breeding, rearing, selling and showing.

Full of practical tips, Paperback, Pages: 96


Keeping Quail- By Katie Thear

This well-illustrated book is an excellent introduction to the keeping of Coturnix and other breeds of quail. It provides comprehensive coverage of their care and management, making it suitable for the producer as well as the small breeder.


Quail Past & Present- By Michael Roberts

This book covers all you need to know about the Corturnix Quail, whether it is the history of the breed, how to house them or how to manage them  as hobby or for profit. This book contains many practical tips and advice on their care and colour photographs and diagrams.

Paperback, Pages: 88.


DIY Poultry Housing

Poultry House Construction- Making Mobile Hen Houses

This book covers all bases in poultry house building. It contains many plans, photos, diagrams and measurements for each type of house. This book contains plans for mobile hen houses, sound moderation, rollaway nest boxes and even specially designed houses for wheelchair users and much more.

Paperback, Pages: 128.