Hoar Park Children’s Farm And Saddlery,   Hoar Park Farm, Ansley, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 0QU

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Geese, Turkeys and Peafowl

We have a small group of each of these.

The Turkeys were new this year and will hopefully prove fruitful in the new year.

The Peafowl lay well every year and we often have eggs available for hatching throughout the season.

The geese lay every year but are getting a little older so the fertility of their eggs may be touch and go.

Please remember these birds are all seasonal layers and only lay a clutch or two of eggs every year, so availability will be very limited.

Indian Peafowl Pied Crollwitzer Breacon Buff Quail

We have a variety of quail down on the farm. Andrew the young lad that lives on the farm cares for them and breeds them.

He has a mix of Japanese Cortnix, Italian and Jumbo quail.

Adults: Females £10   Males £5

Youngsters often available but please enquire first.