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Incubation Books
Incubation : A guide to Hatching and Rearing
Nests, Birds and Incubators

A detailed look into the science and nature behind bird breeding and incubation. It is a book for beginners and covers the basics but then looks deeper into the science and technical knowledge. The book compares and explains the pros and cons of artificial and natural incubation to give you an idea on the best system for what you are wanting to ultimately achieve. This book is suitable for advising beginners with hens through to falconers.

£ 5.00 (last one)

Written by Katie Thear a well known smallholder and expert. This book gives the reader a well rounded knowledge of everything you would need to know as a small holder venturing into incubation and rearing. It has traditional methods and DIY ideas as well as a trouble shooting section for any problems you may encounter. This book has all the background knowledge and to incubation and a section for each species and how it varies.

£ 6.95