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Mixed Grit

The most used calcium supplement with two types of grit. The larger lumps of grit that stay in the birds crop to help grid up the food and finer grit for calcium. The finer oyster shell grit which is ground down to absorb the calcium from.

2kg: £1.00     25kg: £5.00

Fine Oyster Shell Grit

This grit is purely to increase the calcium the chickens absorb, useful if your hens need a little extra boost from there normal mixed grit or if your hens find the gravel they need while free ranging.

1kg: £1.50

Country Living Egg Shell Improver

A Natural supplement that supplies calcium and phosphorous in the optimum ratio 1.3:1 to support growth and strengthen and improve the quality of egg shells.

500g: £3.25          1kg: £5.25              1.5kg: £7.50