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Cayuga White Call

We have a large selection of waterfowl from large heavy breeds to the smallest call ducks.

Ducks make brilliant pets and there is one to suit everyone. Big ducks will give you lovely large eggs and look very impressive around the place but do need quite a big area to live on. Medium sized ducks like Crested ducks are easy back garden ducks and look very pretty and comical.  Call ducks are not very good egg layers but are compact in size and are great in smaller gardens.

Most ducks like to make a bit of a muddy mess but with the right combination of ducks for what you’ve got your garden will stay as neat and tidy as it ever was.


Top tips for keeping happy healthy ducks:

Egg Charts

For each breed of duck you will find a corresponding egg chart, each blue egg represents an average of around 50 eggs per year. Below is an example of 150 eggs per annum.