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There are many different breeds of chicken and a whole rainbow of colours. The following pages will give you a guide to what sorts of chickens we stock and what would be the best chicken for you.

There are two different sizes of chicken Large Fowl and Bantam.

The brown and green shapes are both large fowl, the brown being a heavier breed and the green being a lighter laying breed.

The blue shape is a Bantam breed popular with families for it comical booted appearance and friendly nature.

Pekin Welsummer Brahma

Bantam Breeds


Rhode Island Red

Light Sussex



Buff Sussex

Barbu D’Uccle

Laying Breeds

Rhode lsland Red

Light Sussex

Cream Legbar




Heavy Breeds




Egg Charts

For each breed of chicken you will find a corresponding egg chart, each brown egg represents an average of around 50 eggs per year.


150 Eggs per annum 250 Eggs per annum