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We have 4 different colours of call duck and one miniature breed; the Black East Indian.  

Call ducks have a lot of personality for their size. The females give the breed their name as they have a loud call. They are a very cute ornamental breed which would fit in almost any back garden.

They were originally bred to be used as decoy ducks by the Dutch but they most likely came “ready made” from the far east.

They are now highly bred for showing and have very little laying ability. Laying only 1-2 clutches per year.

These ducks can fly so need their wings clipping.

Apricot White Silver Magpie Black East Indian

The Black East Indian is not a call duck but actually a miniature duck. The name come from the fact they were imported from the “Indies”.

They have a green iridescent sheen to their black feathers, although after  1 year of age many start to develop white feathers.

They can also fly so will need their wings clipping, they are a great  little slug controllers in the garden.